1. Planning

Planning is extremely important for completing excellent video. Responding to questions about the purpose, audience, message of your video is the most important for the overall success of the project.

Once you answer these questions, we will help you to choose the style of the video.

Will your production be: Documentary style, using interviews and recorded or stock video. Film style, using scripts, storyboards and potential actors. Animation. Download live video content, such as Facebook Live or Webinar.

All these types of productions can be extremely useful, for which you will decide depends on the goals of the project.

The size and expertise of the team will definitely affect the price. Depending on the type of production and equipment, the size may vary. Documentary style production usually has many less team members, usually one to three, while film style requires more members, can have five, ten or more members of the team on the set.

Good lighting and high-quality sound are probably the two biggest factors behind a great video. Understand the need for additional light and sound equipment, as well as stabilization and other equipment, such as slider, gymbal, crane, additional cameras, dron.

Planning and scouting locations as well as providing recording permits also affect the price.

   2. Travel

If a video or team travels any distance to record a video for your project, it will be included in the video price. Travel prices vary, depending on the distance, the size of the team and the time they will need to get to the shooting and return.

  3. Recording time

Most production companies charge half a day or the whole day for recording. Half a day is usually three to five hours, and the whole day is from eight to ten hours. However, there are teams that charge only full days or simply per hour. Also, a videographer or team will need time to set up and unload equipment before, after, and during the recording. Plan accordingly.

  4. Postproduction

Again, depending on the access to the video, postproduction may vary. If the video is recorded in a documentary style, the story will have to be made from interviews and other recorded sounds. From there, an additional video (known as B-Roll) will be used as a supplement to the narration. With film style, setting a story can take less time, as much has been invested in scripting and production control. However, after the story has been compiled, things such as color correction, mastering sound as well as animation and motion graphics add to the price.

   5. Time of delivery

Do you need video for a month, a week or a day? The processing time of the finished video will dictate the amount of concentrated effort required by the production team to complete the project and thus affect the costs.


Instead of just thinking about the price of a video as its value, consider these other things …

What is the value of the goal you are trying to achieve?

Will your video help to make money? How much?

Save money? How much?

Do you train talents? What is this person (s) worth for your organization? How much money will you bring in the future?

How long will you use this video?

How much does a video worth? In the end, as you can see, it depends on many factors.

Contact us and you’ll get it free estimating the price of video production specifically tailored to your needs!

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